Haeyang Paper Industrial Machines Co., Ltd.. is located in Namdong-gu, Incheon-City, has constructed an automatic system of high production technique and production process with base of research & development about SCREEN for a long time. We also applied widely to paper manufacturing, the pulp, the steel and petrochemistry industry, the foods, pharmacy, livestock raising and other industry sector etc at the same time. We are a professional manufacture enterprise which produces SCREEN BASKET that is maximized as our best in an effect of material careful selection and capacity of treatment, SCREEN PLATE and CLEANER.

We are also building new trust and a standard about the customer together from productive technique with product production of the quality which is durability under the firm faith the customer. We are expanding a skilled technical manpower, skilled technical hands and an equipment to be able to adapted to demand from domestic as well as world market in changing continuously industrial environments.

Our differentiated technology is recognized in the field of paper manufacturing & pulp through various paper manufacturing machine, general industrial machinery production and extra-large size precision machine processing of Incheon namdong first factory and namdong second factory. Our company have won certificates of venture on September, 2004 and was selected as INNOBIZ company from Small and Medium Business Association on 2008. We will continue a sustained research and development, be able to a little contribute in order to national development and will think, act and make an effort ahead of demand of customer.